EP. 13 Crestone, CO Spiritual Retreat

In Episode 13, our host Melissa Ketchum, shares about her experience being guided to the mystical town of Crestone, CO on spiritual retreat. She talked about how important spiritual retreat […]

Ep. 11 Awakening Your Unique Genius

In Ep. 11 Awakening Your Unique Genius, we discuss that spark of genius that lives within each and everyone of us. Our Unique Genius consists of the dreams, passions, and […]

Ep. 10 A Sacred Plant Medicine Epiphany

In Ep. 10 A Sacred Plant Medicine Epiphany, our host Melissa Ketchum shares her story journeying into the Hell Realms of the Mind during a very sacred healing plant medicine […]

Ep. 6 Embodying Our Authentic Expression

In this episode “Embodying Our Authentic Expression” our host Melissa Ketchum guides us through the exploration of how authentic and unique our contributions are to this beautiful human experience! We […]

Ep. 5 Calling Our Power Back

In this episode, Calling Our Power Back! you’ll feel empowered and inspired to connect back to your truth, to break free from the illusion and take your power back! Your […]

Ep. 4 Mastering the Art of Surrender

In this episode, Melissa will cover how powerful mastering the art of surrender can be in your life and how the most miraculous occurrences can take place when you get […]