The Awakening Hour
The Awakening Hour
Ep. 16 Becoming Conscious Creators of Our Reality

In Episode 16 Becoming Conscious Creators of Our Reality,  Melissa shares her experience at the Conscious Creators Women’s Retreat and what it means to be a Conscious Creator of our reality. Everyone has the ability to co-create a beautiful and fulfilling life with the Divine. It is our purpose to come into this knowing that our thoughts produce our reality. Receive this transmission of light that will guide you to your full knowing of understanding what it truly means to become a Conscious Creator. 

Join us on our Spiritual S E E K E R women’s retreat to Crestone, CO. On this retreat you will experience adventure, serenity, and transformation. If you’d like more information, send an email to

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Come along on this epic journey, and let’s get L I T from WITHIN!