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EP. 13 Crestone, CO Spiritual Retreat

Show Notes

In Episode 13, our host Melissa Ketchum, shares about her experience being guided to the mystical town of Crestone, CO on spiritual retreat. She talked about how important spiritual retreat is for soul exploration and how it reaps so many benefits. She shares about her experience at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center learning to meditate Zazen style and how she visited an ashram, sacred temples, stupas, labyrinths, and even a ziggurat on her retreat.
We are now taking applications for a Summer 2023 women’s retreat to Crestone, CO. On this retreat you will experience spontaneous healings, serenity, and transformation. We’re taking applications for this retreat, so if you’d like to apply please send an email to to express your interest and receive the application. Follow @HuxleyandMyrrh to stay up to date with any workshops, retreats, or special events produced by Melissa Ketchum
Come along on this epic journey, and let’s get lit from within!
For more information, please send an email inquiry to
If you’d like to follow Melissa on Social Media – @Melissa.A.Ketchum or @GildedHeartCoaching

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