It all begins when we receive that intuitive nudge, idea, or spark of insight that encourages us to step outside of our comfort zone and shake things up a bit. When you’re graced with this internal knowledge, do you trust it? Do you find it easy to believe in something intangible or do you have difficulties trusting in this process? 

I believe that it is in our best interest to listen to this internal guidance while taking inspired action to align with the energetic frequency of the desired outcome. We can plan each and every step but the most growth comes from embodiment, from becoming, from doing. This is what is required of us to bring these callings to life, to birth them into fruition. I know it can be difficult to trust the process, but now is the time to trust fall into the arms of the Universe. Here are 5 reasons to take the leap of faith, you will always be supported!

    1. Taking the Leap of Faith Amplifies your Intuition

 When we’re thinking too hard, we tend to tense up and nothing can flow through us. This energy gets stuck in our heads and it doesn’t communicate with our heart compass, the intuitive part of us. When your mind is empty and receptive, which oftentimes occurs during meditation, big ideas can flow through every cell of our body. 

When you listen to and act on that intuitive guidance that is offered to you, you are then able to more fully experience the cosmic intelligence that flows through you. This begins to create a clearer channel so that Divine Source can deliver the messages that are meant for you to you. When you make decisions based on your amplified intuition, this sets the stage for miraculous occurrences to transpire.

    2. Taking the Leap is the ultimate act of surrender

To take the leap of faith is a major act of surrender, which is not always for the faint of heart. When you surrender the outcome of a particular situation you show the Universe that you are open to being a willing participant in this co-creative process. You prove that you trust in this process and will be open to wherever you are guided to go. 

In surrendering you eliminate the fearful ego and how you feel the situation “should” unfold. You open yourself up to the many miracles that the Universe has available to you. This is when you begin to recognize your pure potentiality and find comfort in being led on the path to the destination that is of your highest good.

    3. Taking the Leap allows you to build courage in your convictions

When we receive the gentle nudges of intuition calling us to pour onto that blank page, white canvas, or create something where there once was nothing we can trust these callings. These callings allow us to uncover what’s truly meaningful to us.

When we have the courage to follow these pursuits, and we begin to fully embody and play out this reality, we begin to understand why we were drawn in this direction. We see why our curiosities brought forth the unveiling of these desires and dreams and our reward is that we are further lamented in the conviction of this desire.

    4. Taking the Leap of Faith builds your “Faith Muscles”

How do we allow ourselves to trust this guidance without the fearful mind getting in the way and sabotaging our experience? When you are faced with a decision on whether to remain where you are or take the leap of faith, I would first ask yourself this question. From which energy am I making this decision? Is this a decision based in Fear? Or is this a decision based in Faith?

Sometimes the presence of fear is what is pointing you in the direction you need to be going to stretch and strengthen your resiliency. If you’re drawn to do something like starting a podcast, or writing a book, and you feel intrigued but also experience overwhelming fear at the same time, this is it. This is what you need to do! 

Fear is a normal part of the process, this trick is to move past this fearful energy and move into the energy of trust, the vibration of faith. 

This is your opportunity to overcome that fear, to leap over that obstacle and build your faith muscle. Remember, that faith is the ability to believe what you are unable to see, what comes from this faith is the reward to create what you believe. We are all creators of our reality.

    5. Taking the Leap of Faith Calls You Higher

It’s true to believe that everything beautiful that we create in life requires us to take the leap of faith. Living in authenticity means that when we take these risks, big and small, we are truly living to the fullest extent of our human experience. The value of this experience is so enriching that it continues to call you higher in alignment with the most authentic expression of who you really are. Unconventional choices and taking the leap of faith ultimately will catapult us into our Divine blueprint. Coming home to this knowing and understanding our true identity, in a sense, is why we’re all here on this planet. 

If you’re looking for a sign on whether or not to start that business, reach out to that mentor, or step outside of your comfort zone, this is it! This is your sign! You will be supported as you leap into the arms of the Universe!




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